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Artisan Cured Meat & Sausage

The corner butcher shop returns to the neighborhood. Featuring an artist’s touch with hand-made, farm fresh meats.

About Saucisson

Started in 2013, Saucisson’s mission is to provide unique and hard to find products. From hand cured meats to specially spiced sausages, Saucisson supports local farms that are humane and hormone free.

Local Matters

We use only the highest quality local meat. New Creations Farm, one of our suppliers, in Geauga County, Ohio features hormone and anti-biotic free animals raised humanly

“The Queen of Pork”

Melissa Khoury has been fondly dubbed “The Queen of Pork”. Growing up in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother gave her a love and respect for food and cooking. When she moved to the south, she was exposed to the common practice of in house butchering in restaurants. Her love of butchering grew from this as she harnessed her personal zen behind the sausage grinder. Bringing a compassionate and artful grace to the food industry in Northeast Ohio, The Queen of Pork can be seen at local farmers market or contacted for special orders of her own personal handmade sausages and more. Meat has met royalty with this Queen!

“Local Meat Maven”

All you really need to know about Penny Barend: She swears. She loves pork. She loves bourbon. Making pasta with her hands makes her smile. She values integrity and respect. She has four beautiful nieces that show her the world through their eyes, and she love them for it. She loves to travel and experience cultures different from her own. She always wants to taste something new. Farmers and Ranchers are her Heroes. And she wears overalls instead of a chef coat.