Buying whole animals vs cuts

Whole animal vs Cuts

Going to a large chain grocery store and seeing cut strip steaks, pork chops and ground meat makes me think. If you had access to getting a whole animal butchered to your specs and packaged, would you buy it? Sure there is a small investment, you’re talking about obtaining a freezer, and forking over a couple hundred dollars for the animal being processed. But would that be any less convenient then running to the store several times a week/ month.  Now when you want a thick cut strip or bone in pork chops you have them, verses trying to find them in some store and settling for the cut they have. There are several small farms that will offer a whole animal. Growing up my parents always got a whole hog and split a cow with another family. I remember digging in the freezer for the roast I was asked to pull out.. Thinking this is silly. Now as I’m older it makes sense. With more and more local farms being more accessible through farmers markets and csa programs why not get a whole animal?


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